Friday, 1 November 2013

When we were at camp it began with a splash

When we were at camp it began when I heard a splash down at the beach. Megan and Ben hopped out of the car and ran down to the beach. Megan was 13 and Ben was 14 but Megan was the more mature one in their family. The beach they went to was at Muriwai, it was the most bestest beach ever in history to be found. It also has the biggest waves.

Megan and Ben went back to the car. As they got there they both pulled out their tents and began setting it up. Juts with a quick of a switch Megans tent was up. Ben wandered around without Megan knowing. Ben got to a point where he lost his way back to the car. He was panicking.

Megan turned around and Ben was gone. Megan tried calling her parents but there was no service. Ben was screaming for help. There was a huge wave coming towards him but he was allergic to salt water. “WOOOSH” was the sound that the waves made. Megan rushed out to sea and tried to bring him back, but at the same time she was trying to call her parents but there was still no service. “Help” cried Ben, Megan grabbed his hand a pulled him to shore. “Never ever do that Ben” muttered Megan with a bit of a shiver. Megan walked with Ben back to their tent spot and settled down while they were waiting for their parents to come.

The End

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