Friday, 7 October 2011

The Boy who Cried Wolf

Hi my name is Guy , Guy the massive sheep. I have been living in this paddock for almost 7 years with an annoying Shepherd boy. All I ever do is chase ,chase and chase the fluffy dog because I need to get fit but I feel so lazy.

One day I was chasing the dog when all I heard was the shepherd boy yell out “ help help there’s three wolves trying to eat my sheep”. So all the villagers came running down with pitchforks, fire sticks and lawn mowers and then the villagers stopped at the paddock and all you could hear is peace and quite.

Then the next day the villagers recognised that he was obviously lying so they decided not to believe him anymore.

Then the wolves really did turn up. He was shouting his head off saying,”help help they’re 3 humongous, nasty wolves. The villagers would not listen so they didn’t come.

The sheep ran to old ladies houses for saftey.

The Shepherd boy was snoring in his bed at home when the wolves knocked on his door.

A wolf ate the shepherd boy but spat him back out because he didn’t taste nice.

The shepherd boy shepherd was never believed again.