Monday, 12 November 2012

Dress up party

LI: To write a detailed description
SC:  it must include strong adjectives, similes and onomatopoeia

On Saturday it was my cousins birthday, and it was a dress up party.I went dressed as Pocahontas.  His name was Noah. When it started his Samoan Grandpa did a prayer and he blew out the candles for his cake. Then we went to serve our food. The food smelled nice and tasted delicious, while we were still eating people came around starting handing out Otai. The Otai was made from pineapple juice milk and fruit salad it was so refreshing because it was such a hot day. Then as we were called out for the lolly scramble I collected all the party poppers and popped all at once and made a loud Bang! When they were throwing out the lollies it was like i was going on a treasure hunt looking for the lollies. Then we packed up and went home.