Friday, 22 March 2013

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Maths Whizz

Today on maths whizz I'm learning how to do subtraction on pencil and paper. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Water Fun Day

To celebrate summer Glenbrae School had a Water Fun Day.
Hooray! The Greenhouse had finally won, with a lot of excitement they cheered loudly.
To start the Water Fun Day each house had to assemble in a situated area and get ready for the march. Two people holding up the banner walking on the hot burning ground. Finally we set off on our march screaming out our chants. Once the teachers had dismissed each class we went to the water stations

As our house groups lined up to start the event Bam! and off we went we put the sponge in the water and over peoples head it went and under their legs to the last runner. The last runner ran up to the bins squeezed as much water as they could get out of it and ran back to the line.

The next event we went to was walk the plank. Standing on the concrete felt like we were all standing on lava. The teacher gave us the instructions and off we went one at a time. Across the plank to the bucket, grabbed a cup of water and ran to the bin trying not to bump into each other.

As we were walking quietly to our next event which was the band race, we finally got to sit down in a nice windy shade underneath the tree. We each grabbed a band from the bucket. Mrs Greenham was telling us what to do. We stood up got into a straight line and one person grabbed a band and cup each, we dipped the cup in the water and off we ran to the bin trying not to spill it and it continued until the bell rang and then we moved to our next event.

Next we rushed to the next event which was the water slide. It was slippery and wet. We had to hold a cup of water and go down the slide, and to make sure no water would come out of the cup so I put my hand over the cup to secure the water from falling out of the cup.

I had so much fun on Water Fun Day because everyone enjoyed themselves and we even got to go on the water slide which was really fun aswell.

Swimming Recount

Feeling the cold freezing water in the pool as I hopped in. I was frozen as an ice-block. As the professional instructors assessed us they each gave us numbers.

First we got into 3 groups. We started off using a board, putting our hands at the bottom of the board and started kicking in the water. Next we put our head down in the water and started kicking halfway down the pool.

Then we learnt how to freestyle and learn how to keep our arms straight.  We learnt how to breathe while doing our freestyle by turning our head to side to side on our arm when we need to take a breathe.

Later on we had a race back, we could do any kind of swimming freestyle,backstroke or just glide.

I had fun doing swimming with the professional instructors.