Thursday, 2 June 2011

Welcome to my world

Hi my name is June and I have been waiting for many years to get my own blog. I would love to be a sports teacher in the future. I like my teacher Mrs Boyer because she helps me a lot in my learning. I hope she doesn't give up her wonderful job. Hope you like my blog.


  1. Hi June
    I love your blog I will check your blog every time because you are a good girl and brainy.
    Hope you have a great time with your exciting blog.

  2. Hi June,

    Congratulations on starting your blog. I'm glad you like Mrs Boyer; I like her too (I have to, she's my mum!)

    What is your favourite sport to play?

    Renee :)

  3. Hi June,

    I'm looking forward to visiting your blog more regularly. Mrs Boyer also helped me out a lot with my learning as a teacher. You're very lucky you've got Mrs Boyer.

    From Miss Paton.

    p.s. This year I am teaching a Years 5 & 6 class

  4. Hi June, glad to hear you're enjoying your blog. I had fun reading it and discovering that you want to be a Sports teacher.
    Mrs Kelly

  5. Hi June I really like your I am poem

  6. sup june is Michael Jackson really your favourite singer.

  7. Sup June I like your poem


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