Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Holiday Recount

During the holidays I went shopping with my family. 
First we went to converse to look at some shoes in there. They had some special sales on some of their items. I looked around the store to see if anything was worth buying at my standards but no, I never bought shoes that I wanted because they weren't there.

The next store we went to was Factorie. In factory they had nice clothes, some of their clothes looked really fashionable for this weather.

Then Pumpkin Patch was our 3rd store we went to. In pumpking patch it was really packed with little children running around, screaming on one side crying babies on the other, it was hurting my ears. My little sister had to get some new clothes because it was becoming winter and so she got heaps of new clothes. When we finished shopping we headed out to the car and drove off to sylvia park for lunch.
We had nandos which was really yum. While my mum went to go and order my family and I went to go find a seat. 10 minutes later our food had arrived on our table. “mmm it smells delicious” I mumbled. I served my self 1 piece of chicken with some salad and hot chips.

We went to Pak n Save to do some food shopping. It was packed at Pak n Save aswell i was surrounded by thousands of people. We had finally done our shopping and all we needed to do was go to the counter. But there was heaps of people waiting to be served. After a few minutes we had got served by a staff member and headed out to the car to unpack the shopping in the car.

After a long day shopping I came home and had a rest. I really enjoyed my day shopping.

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