Thursday, 22 September 2011

Giant Weta Report

The NZ Giant Weta

By June Leona


The New Zealand Giant Weta lives in the Mahoenui Reserve in the Waikato. This Weta has been in NZ for so long.

Physical Features

This Weta has an exo-skeleton.

Male Weta don’t have that many spikes but if you compare it to a female Weta, the female will have more spikes.


This Weta

eats gorse flowers and other invertebrate creatures smaller than itself.


Some Giant Weta live in the Mahoenui Reserve only in the Waikato region ,New Zealand.


This Weta has a main predator which is rats because they’re are big and the Weta only uses its back leg to defend it self.

Main Threats

The Weta’s Habitat can be deadly destroyed easily because gorse is highly flammable.


This Giant Weta is very gentle in other words placid.


The Giant Weta have even been around with the dinosaurs 190 million years ago.

The NZ Giant

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